Box 7 WORD 2018

Devotional Life Designed for Drum Corps

Spiritual Growth is Possible Around Drum Corps!

Please check back for Box 7 WORD 2018!

 Box 7 WORD is a devotional resource that will be developed and posted here. WORD is designed to bring truth and hope about Jesus into your drum corps life. Whether this is your first time exploring Christian faith, or a refresher for you, WORD will be light-weight and flexible to make sense in the DCI summer schedule. 

Discovery Bible Studies for Small Groups

We encourage members and staff in DCI to focus on more frequent gatherings with people near them by section, tour job, bus / housing assignments.  If you think about Box 7 community being primarily multi-section / or all Christians in your drum corps, it will not be feasible to meet often.  Aim for smaller groups with people you actually cross paths with; you might call these "Focus Groups."

Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) are a simple, conversational method for anytime you have 15 minutes or so with a group of 3 or more. DBS is also great for people who are new to reading the Bible!  For each week of the Box 7 WORD based around 1 John, we have suggested one passage for the DBS process.