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About Box 7

Box 7 Ministries exists to:

Resonate the Good News of Jesus Christ

Through the People of Drum Corps

For All of Life

Young people in the marching music arts are often so immersed in busy schedules that they struggle to balance time and relationships for spiritual growth. Box 7 is a network of Christian believers composed of the members, staff, and volunteers in drum corps. Since 2010, Drum Corps International (DCI) participants have connected through Box 7 to relationships and Bible-based resources that encourage them in following Jesus Christ.

With the canceled DCI 2020 season and the current COVID-19 pandemic, Box 7 carried out online ministry with Connect Groups and Younique Students Groups - two different ways of helping young adults grow in their faith, discipleship, and God-given identity. 

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The Name: Box 7

The competitive judging system of drum corps contains a rubric where Box 5 is the highest rating of excellence. Corps members and staff often use the box system to rate almost every aspect of their daily tour lives: food, weather, people, or their tour housing. Our hope is that the name, Box 7, helps frame the ultimate good news: that relationship with Jesus is far more fulfilling and joy-giving than any of our Box 5 experiences in this world.

What We Do

Box 7 develops resources, groups, and leaders throughout the year for the drum corps activity around the country. Typically there are 45 active corps in DCI, and Box 7 has established student leaders in up to 12 corps each season. The total annual engagement is between 200-400 corps members, staff, or tour volunteers who sign up to receive resources in up to 20 corps.  

Based in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, Box 7 Ministries staff lead local outreach, serving corps members and staff during the school year, largely at the University of North Texas.

Box 7 is not a partner organization to Drum Corps International. We are an independent ministry network composed of drum corps members, staff, alumni, and volunteers.