The Story

The idea of a sustainable ministry in DCI formed during the 2005-2009 drum corps seasons, when traceable movements of group prayer and Bible studies happened on tour in corps like Memphis Sound, Crossmen, and Phantom Regiment.

Several leaders in 2009 met through a Facebook group. The "Box 7" name originated for the 2010 season as a multi-corps network of fellowship. Since 2012, leadership of Box 7 has been working as a year-round ministry among the people of drum corps.

The Name "Box 7"

Part of the lingo in drum corps is a judging rubric for performances where “Box 5” is the highest rating of excellence. Corps members and staff casually rate almost anything on the box system, such as food, weather, people, or the schools where they sleep during tour. Occasionally the label "Box 6" is used to declare that something is extraordinary. 

Our hope is that the name "Box 7" helps share good news: that Jesus is more fulfilling and more joy-giving than any “Box 5” experience the world can offer.

What We Do

Our mission is to:

resonate the good news of Jesus Christ
through the people of drum corps
for all of life

Box 7 is a network of the members, staff, and volunteers in drum corps. We work within the normal rhythms and relationships of the activity.

During the 'off-season' the Box 7 team will: 

Cultivate Community - We help interested drum corps participants build relationships at their corps, centered on God. We offer resources to help their personal journey in following Jesus. We establish leaders, whom we call "Connectors," who facilitate gatherings, prayer, and Bible studies during camps, move-ins, and tour.

Seasonal Acclimation - We mentor the key transitions each year for drum corps participants -- the weeks leading into move-ins, and the weeks after DCI Championships when members and staff return to home or school. For those who are seeking Christian resources where they live, we help them connect with a church or college ministry.

Lead Discipleship Hubs - Our staff and team live in locations with high concentrations of DCI students and staff. We create outreach and discipleship community to serve these young adults who want to follow Jesus, partnering with local churches and college ministries.

Guiding Beliefs

Box 7 staff and advisors are working on a new statement of Guiding Beliefs.

We currently operate under the Statement of Faith of the World Evangelical Alliance

We identify strongly with emphasis on world missions in the Lausanne Covenant.


Carolina Crown Member 2019

...Whether it was during long bus rides, on the field, or even in a teacher’s lounge at housing sites, our Box 7 Connectors - Ozzy, Jeremy, and the rest of the group at Crown would find times to meet up and talk about our week and how to lift each other up using God’s Word. If it weren’t for Box 7, I’m not sure if I would be where I am today in my faith.

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  • Location - Denton, TX

Evan Woods

Founding Director

After marching and working in drum corps at the Crossmen, Evan co-founded Box 7 and began full-time ministry work in 2012. He is based in Denton, Texas and has participated in multiple church-based training programs in theology, missions, church history, and discipleship. He graduated from Abilene Christian University with a degree in music education and minor in business. He holds a certificate in non-profit leadership from Southern Methodist University and the CNM

Evan's role for Box 7 includes leading the vision, organizational & staff development, and communications. He assists with discipleship for students at the University of North Texas.

In drum corps, Evan has volunteered or worked part-time in administrative or teaching capacities at Crossmen (2008-2011), Carolina Crown (2012-2016), Legends (2012, 2017), Music City (2018). He was a facilitator for the DCI Drum Major Leadership Summit in 2015 and 2017.  Since 2019, he is a brass instructor with the Blue Knights. 

Karl Koemmpel

Associate Director

Coming from the west coast with drum corps alums in the family, Karl marched in the Cascades during high school and the Blue Devils during college. He graduated with a music degree from Central Washington University and began working for Box 7 full-time in 2014. His college ministry experience and training with Chi Alpha Ministries gave him a passion for mentoring students and world missions.

Karl's role for Box 7 includes equipping student leaders (Connectors), mentoring corps staff connected with Box 7, and leading the discipleship hub at Denton for students around the University of North Texas. 

In drum corps, Karl has worked since 2014 as a visual instructor as well as facilitating fitness programs and member leadership. He worked at Crossmen (2014-2017) and Blue Stars (2018-2019). Starting in 2019, he is now with the Madison Scouts.