Photography Credits Gallery

Photos for the Box 7 site are chosen for the perspective and moment in drum corps life that speaks the intended message of each page or headline.

Thank you to several photographers in the DCI community for providing the use of photos featured on this website.

To see credits, click or tap to open the photo on any device. (Cursor rollover also works on desktop).

The Box 7 Ministries logo and wordmark were designed by Jonathan Cao (Phantom Regiment conductor, 2010).

Box 7 hopes to grow our library of photos to inspire future media content and represent more corps. We’d love your help! If you want to submit a photo or a collection for consideration in our library, please use the Media Contact form on this page.

If you ever notice a mistake in how Box 7 has used or credited a photo, please fill out the Media Contact form to let us know. We will get in touch with you to let you know how we intend to handle your notification. Thanks!