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So, you’re a bus riding, gym floor sleeping, hot sun standing, tan line contest winning drum corps veteran, huh? Don’t worry, no Dr. Beat here. We are just glad you decided to take a closer look at what Box 7 is all about.

Maybe you’ve heard about us, maybe you haven’t. But what’s important to know –- there is a ministry for the people of drum corps, and we're ready to help you know the incredible love of Jesus Christ in this season of your life. 

Think back to the place you were when you heard the 2020 DCI season is canceled. You had big hopes, big goals, and big dreams. Well, now what? You’re probably thinking the same thing everyone else is:

  • What do I do now? What's my purpose?
  • What does my life look like during this summer?
  • How do I have friendships this summer without drum corps?
  • Where is God in all of this? 
  • Can I trust him through the decisions I need to make?

We don’t have all the answers. There is no magic solution, but there is hope!

Enter Box 7…

We’re creating new opportunities in 2020 for you. There are tangible ways to leverage this time in your life for growing your faith, leadership, and discovering your true identity…an identity deeper than drum corps.

You can allow God to bring restoration and healing.

You can be part of a generation who changes the world through the truth and claims of Jesus, prayer, faith, and integrity.

You can be part of a generation who takes hope and leadership into the future of the marching arts.

This can be your time.


Box 7 is not yet represented in each of the Open or World Class corps, but we can use this summer to change that. Everything we’re doing this summer is open to 2020 DCI members or vets from recent years (if you have not aged-out). 

We all know there is no perfect plan for the months ahead, so why not take this journey with us? We invite you to “step off” into a Box 7 Lunch or a Connect Group very soon.  

The ways to get started are below:

Connect Groups

Join a Connect Group for Four Weeks

Younique with Box 7

Clarify Your Identity and Purpose from God

Wanna get in touch? 

Send us a message.