Join a Box 7 Connect Group

Connect Groups are designed to help you build meaningful community with other drum corps members through experiencing God's Word. Each gathering will help you grow in connecting with God and practicing the ways of Jesus in your daily life.

  • April & May: Connect Groups met for 5 weeks growing through the Sermon on the Mount from Jesus
  • June: Connect Groups met for 4 weeks studying the book of 1 John
  • July: Connect Groups met for 4 weeks over considering stories of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke

Anyone who wants to explore God or follow Jesus can be in these groups. It’s OK if you aren’t sure about calling yourself a Christian right now. Maybe you had great experiences in the past with church small groups. Maybe you’ve felt misunderstood by church, or the ministries never worked with your band/colorguard schedule. We understand (all of those situations), and we’re here for you. We want Connect Groups to be a safe community for you to talk with others and be known. 

Quick F.A.Q.’s About Connect Groups

Who can join in?

If you’re a DCI 2020 member or recent vet (if you have not aged-out), this is for you.

What will my group look like? 

A Connect Group will have up to 12 people, including multiple trained leaders who are marching-age plus alumni coaches. Most groups will be co-ed with members from any corps, both World and Open Class. You’ll meet once-a-week for about 60-90 minutes on a video link provided by Box 7. 

How does the video gathering work? 

Each week, you’ll just go to the same link at, provided by Box 7. It works in your web browser (best in Chrome) or on the Whereby app for your phone. 

What will we study and do?

You'll learn from teachings of Jesus and other scripture in the Bible. You'll grow by applying those to everyday life. You’ll learn how to pray and study God’s Word on your own. Each meeting will be a safe place to support each other through concerns or challenges you might be facing in life transitions.

Can I invite  other friends from DCI?

Yes! Even if they have never heard of Box 7 before, you can tell them about it and share this link with them. We are glad to coordinate people being in the same groups who know each other.

Update for September:

Connect Groups for 2020 are currently on break.

Some groups are still meeting informally. If you're interested in joining one of those groups, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page (include your corps affiliation). 

Wanna get in touch? 

Send us a message.